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About Us

Chesapeake Capital Management is an independent financial advisory firm dedicated to helping you efficiently manage your financial life.

Like a sailor adjusting his sails to catch the wind, we are here to help you adapt to every financial opportunity and life change you encounter. Our goal is to help you arrive safely and efficiently at the future destinations you desire. Whether that means saving money for retirement, supporting your family’s financial needs, managing your investment portfolio, or more, we connect and align every detail with a coordinated plan. We believe that multigenerational wealth management helps every family member to build financial wellness. We’re dedicated to being here for you whenever you need our knowledge and support.

Fiduciary Support That Puts You First

As fiduciaries, we put your financial needs and goals first in everything we do on your behalf. In our industry, financial advisors often have to reach sales quotas or are only able to offer products their firm sells. From our perspective, these arrangements can make the clients’ priorities less important than the advisor’s business goals.

At Chesapeake Capital Management, we have the freedom and responsibility to create plans and build portfolios that we can prove are in your best interest. We search all available investment options and determine which one best suits the unique needs of each client.

With our team, you are always the priority.

If you’re currently working with a financial advisor and they aren’t serving as a fiduciary, then you may not be receiving the objective guidance you deserve. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how fiduciary support matters to your financial life.

Education That Fosters Informed Decisions

We understand how confusing the financial world can be. With a plethora of contradictory voices, ever-changing global economies, and nuanced investment options, knowing how to make sound decisions that support your life goals can be endlessly confusing.

We truly care that you understand the details of your wealth management. When the financial tides ebb and flow, we never want you to be left vulnerable to the unpredictable natures of the market and economy. In every step, we commit to clearly and proactively:

  • Communicate complex details
  • Update you on any financial changes
  • Answer your questions and concerns
  • Keep you informed about your account
  • Provide you with the resources you need to understand your financial life