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Our Services

At Chesapeake Capital Management, we’re here to provide the wealth management support you need across your financial life. As our client, we’re here to connect every financial detail into a coordinated plan of action that helps you prepare for tomorrow while living for today. We often work with clients who are ready to turn their life’s earnings into lifelong savings — so they never miss an opportunity to maximize their financial life.

  • Investment Advisory & Management: We can provide investment guidance, strategies, and management throughout your life. We will personally manage your portfolio, so you find confidence in knowing that a dependable guide who understands you and your goals is guiding your asset growth and preservation.
  • Tax Strategies: With a CPA on our team who is also a financial advisor, we’re able to build tax-efficiency into every facet of your financial life. Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams with as little risk as possible. From our perspective, striving to limit the money you pay in taxes is a powerful tool for supporting this objective.
  • Retirement Planning: Asset growth, preservation, and distribution must all align to support your unique retirement plan. No matter which phase you’re in, we’ll make sure that you have the strategies you need to retire when and how you want to.
  • Estate Planning: We’ll help you create a plan for passing on your estate in the ways you desire, so your plans are tax efficient and reflect your unique values. Whether you are a young professional or decades into retirement, determining the legacy you want to leave can help focus your actions and choices for the rest of your life.
  • Multigenerational Planning: Your family needs and priorities can significantly impact your financial life and wealth management. We’ll help you ensure that every family member receives strategies and support that help them live their best lives.